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Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm PST
. that was my granddad's name. carl fred simms. the people probably call it what they always did. yeah, you're probably right. this place has not changed an iota since i was a kid. look at these cars. yeah, they're old. these cars are worth some money nowadays. i'll bet. listen to that. what? the music. even it hasn't changed. it must be an oldies station. spooky. i mean nice, but spooky. we got a long walk ahead. the old booney bridge. how's it look? like i just left it. it's been 40 years. i spent some time here. doing what, fishing? no, playing hooky. i'd say i was going to school. i'd come here and wish i was in oakland. i loved this spot. hey. you all right? i just got a little dizzy. i'm fine. hey, take a look. looks like somebody stole your spot. yeah, looks like. hi, there. what do you want? i shouldn't talk to hoboes. what? you look like bums. we got a real sweetheart here. hey, you know i used to play hooky here. i ain't playing hooky. nobody said you were. we're going to the simms place. if you go down there, you better not rat on me to my granddad. nobody's going to rat. what's
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1